👩‍💻IW Weekly #46: Ransomware Defense, Cracking OSWE, Github Hack, Finding IDORs, Security flaw in Aurora’s Rainbow Bridge and much more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #46: Ransomware Defense, Cracking OSWE, Github Hack, Finding IDORs, Security flaw in Aurora’s Rainbow Bridge and much more…
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Understand Microsoft's in-depth approach to ransomware defense with @jhondarred and team's informative article on best practices and tactics.

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📝 5 Infosec Articles

  1. Learn about Microsoft's comprehensive approach to ransomware, including best practices and tactics, in this informative article by @jhondarred and team.
  2. Discover the art of finding sensitive data in Android apps with @TheRealNerdwell in this informative article on Android security.
  3. The indexing of website endpoints can expose sensitive information. This article by @ArmanSameer95 discusses measures to prevent privacy and security incidents.
  4. Get inspired by @dhakal_ananda's journey as they crack the challenging OSWE (WEB-300) by Offensive Security and share their review in this must-read article.
  5. Explore the findings of a month-long hack on GitHub by @Th3Pr0xyB0y and @MrRajputHacker in this revealing article on the vulnerabilities and potential threats in the platform.
  1. This thread features a story type Q&A Session with Robbe Van Roey (@PinkDraconian) written by @harshbothra_.
  2. Uncover the secrets of passive recon with Certificate Transparency in this informative thread by @intigriti.
  3. Learn the best methods for finding IDORs through this informative Twitter thread by @CristiVlad25.
  4. All the cheatsheets at one place in this amazing thread by @CristiVlad25.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

  1. @Yassineaboukir shares his knowledge on bug bounty hunter mindset in his keynote at BSides Ahmedabad 2022, hosted by @bsidesahmedabad.
  2. Understand the security flaw in Aurora's Rainbow bridge and the million-dollar bug bounty reward in this educational video by @gregxsunday.
  3. Find out the next steps after recon with @NahamSec in this helpful video answering one of the most frequently asked questions in bug bounty hunting.

⚒️ 2 GitHub repositories & Tools

  1. Get your blue team ready with A-poc's comprehensive collection of 50+ essential tools and resources for security professionals on GitHub.
  2. Echidna is a Haskell program designed for fuzzing/property-based testing of Ethereum smart contracts by @trailofbits.

💰1 Job Alert

  1. @ShaadiDotCom is hiring Security Interns with skills of web and android pentesting.

📝 3 Infosec Articles

  1. All the resources to get you started on your hacker journey by @theXSSrat.
  2. Found API keys while testing? @0xKayala shows us how we could validate the leaked tokens using nuclei.
  3. Learn about the MITRE ATT&CK framework from this article by @LE0_Hak.
  1. A list of google dorks for finding S3 buckets by @roohaa_n.
  2. Linux for hackers! @0xManan compiles ways to use Linux for penetration testing and ethical hacking.

📽️ 1 Insightful Video

  1. Did you know that secrets used to sign JWT can be cracked? Learn how to go about exploiting weak JWT implementation from this video by @TCMSecurity.

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