👩‍💻Thick Client Pentest, Out-of-band XXE, Bug Hunting Resources, RDP, LogonTypes, PowerShell Commands, and many more…

👩‍💻Thick Client Pentest, Out-of-band XXE, Bug Hunting Resources, RDP, LogonTypes, PowerShell Commands, and many more…

10 tricks and fun facts about Active Directory shared by @simondotsh.

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Coming back to today's NL, we have added some beginner-friendly resources as well. Let us know if you like them or have some suggestions. Here are our top picks for this week: 7 articles, 6 Threads, 5 videos, 2 Github repos and tools, 1 job alert to help you maximize the benefit from this newsletter and take a massive jump ahead in your career.

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📝 7 Infosec Articles (5+ 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 Read about this beautiful art of escalation of your bug’s impact from p4 straight to p2 or p1 in @Mahmoud Youssef’s blog where he escalated the bug and exploited Out-of-band XXE.

#2 If research is poorly explained or under-hyped, you can sometimes have major success simply by applying it. @James Kettle shares great tips in a case study on how to turn security research into profit?

#3 Read about Thick Client and its pentesting in this new blog where @Viraj Mota provides a security test case and a set of tools that we require while performing Thick Client Pentest.

#4 This detailed android security blog by @Redhuntlabs shows the security posture of the apps we scanned and how the implications may impact developers and end users by highlighting our approach, findings, and conclusions.

#5 A new attack technique called ‘GIFShell’ that allows threat actors to abuse Microsoft Teams for novel phishing attacks and covertly executing commands to steal data using GIFs shared by @Lawrence Abrams.

Beginner-friendly -

#6 Are you a beginner bug hunter? @Mohsin Khan, an active full time bug hunter shared some great tips and answered the most asked question: What would I do if I start bug hunting from 0 again?

#7 Fuzzing: A great technique for finding numerous vulnerabilities. Read about how you can fully utilize Fuzzing’s power and hit bugs effectively in Fuzzing 101 by @Samarth.

#1 10 tricks and fun facts about Active Directory shared by @simondotsh that you’d find useful.

#2 Congrats to @Johan Carlsson for his great achievements on hunting at Gitlab, and so he happily shared some tips for the bughunters out there looking for how and from where to start.

#3 @Dray Agha shares his valuable findings about RDP, Network Layer Authentication, LogonTypes and brute forcing.

#4 Hunt for suspicious #Powershell in your environment! A Thread about encoded PowerShell commands. Various Threat Actors use this to obfuscate their activities by @BurtJanCyber.

Beginner-friendly -

#5 Polyglot files leading to RCE? A great thread by @Nithin R where he shares about when a server is attempting to prevent Content-Type/Extension bypasses, you can upload a polyglot file to get RCE.

#6 Confused picking up programs to hunt on? @Z-wink shares how he picked up the programs to start working on for bug hunting.

📽️ 5 Insightful Videos (3 + 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 @gregxsunday has made a detailed video explaining the new research by @albinowax on client-side desync vulnerabilities.

#2 @0xdf’s new video provides a list of instructions which show how two inputs are combined with one of several operations to make an output. The video challenge is to find the value at a given output.

#3 Python Flask Web Servers’s Debug mode, if left opened or unconfigured by developers can be dangerous which can lead to application being compromised. A great explanation by @John Hammond.

Beginner-friendly -

#4 Second video in the smart contract series by @Nahamsec in collaboration with @HalbornSecurity where we learn the basics of creating and deploying smart contracts and NFTs.

#5 If you're looking to get your career started in cybersecurity, this guide should walk you through the 2022 roadmap to an entry-level cyber security job by @Zach.

⚒️ 2 GitHub Repositories & Tools

#1 @quillaudits has a GitHub repository that lays out the roadmap to becoming a Smart contract auditor.

#2 The latest release of Arjun, a tool that can find query parameters for URL endpoints by @s0md3v.

💰1 Job Alert

#1 Bugcrowd has a job opening for the manager of security operations.

Experience required: 2-3 years

Job location: Remote

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