👩‍💻Hacking Smart Contracts, Android Vulnerability, RCE, Prototype Poisoning, Anti-Human Server Plugin, and much more…

👩‍💻Hacking Smart Contracts, Android Vulnerability, RCE, Prototype Poisoning, Anti-Human Server Plugin, and much more…

Learn about this anti-human server plugin that kicks human players out of a minecraft server with a new challenge at the end.

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📝 7 Infosec Articles (5+ 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 Read How Omar Hashem tested various techniques against file upload functionality to get high severity vulnerability.

#2 @tamir_zb found a pretty unique Android vulnerability, which allowed him to exploit the kernel by using the TrustZone. This helped him bypass all kernel security mitigations and create a super reliable exploit.

#3 Read this interesting analysis on RCE vulnerability affecting Elementor website builder plugin 3.6.0/3.6.2 on WordPress by @crac-learn.

#4 What is improper array deletion? Shashank explains how array deletion works in solidity and the best practices.

#5 In this post, Arbenn explains how he found a blind XXE injection on a PDF generator that was vulnerable to CVE-2019-12154.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 Do you know what prototype poisoning is? Read this detailed article with prototype bugs explained by Christoffer Jerkeby.

#2 Golang introduced support for vulnerability management. Marvin Wendt explained in his article about how to use it, and why it outperforms many other vulnerability checkers for golang projects!

#1 Read a mind-blowing thread on how to hunt on the main application by @tabaahi_.

#2 Have you heard terms like "Proxy" and "Reverse Proxy" in the Bug Bounty space but don't exactly know what they are? Don't worry, Nitin covered them in his thread.

#3 Burp Suite and firefox 🔥🦊 match is made in heaven. Read the shortcomings of in-built browsers and how to make firefox silent by @sec_r0.

#4 See this awesome thread from @sec_r0 about top 10 Burp Suite Extensions for bug hunting.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 New to recon? Nitin made an amazing thread with a curated list of video tutorials to pump up your recon game.

#2 Het Mehta curated a list of Cybersecurity University courses to help you get started in your infosec journey.

📽️ 5 Insightful Videos (3 + 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 @_JohnHammond demonstrates a cool trick shared by @Alh4zr3d to obfuscate the use of the Invoke-Expression command in powershell using DNS records.

#2 @LiveOverflow builds an anti-human server plugin to kick human players out of a minecraft server with a new challenge at the end.

#3 @JSON_SEC shares his experience while preparing for the Certified Red Team Operator course by Zero Point Security.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 @DappUniversity teaches how to hack smart contracts with the self-destruct function.

#2 Follow along with @Tyler_Ramsbey as he goes through the first challenge of the course Malware Analysis & Triage from TCM security and performs static and dynamic analysis on a malicious form of putty.exe.

⚒️ 2 GitHub repositories & Tools

#1 DalFox is a powerful open source XSS scanning tool and parameter analyzer by @hahwul.

#2 userf.py is a user-agent and referer SQL injection tester by @root_tanishq.

💰1 Job Alert

#1 ICE has a security job opening. Click here to know more details.

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