👩‍💻IW Weekly #41: VueJS XSS, Critical Car-Vulnerabilities, $1000 IAP Proxy Misconfiguration in Google Cloud, Prototype Pollution Attacks, GraphQL Pentesting and much more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #41: VueJS XSS, Critical Car-Vulnerabilities,  $1000 IAP Proxy Misconfiguration in Google Cloud, Prototype Pollution Attacks, GraphQL Pentesting and much more…
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Read how @samwcyo and team were able to hack the giants in automotive industry

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📝 5 Infosec Articles

  1. From being able to honk multiple scooters at the same time to finding critical vulnerabilities affecting the giants in automotive industry, check out how @samwcyo and team worked to achieve this magnificent task.
  2. @sid0krypt explains how he was able to get reflected XSS on a VueJS application.
  3. @LogicalHunter published an excellent article on his $1000 Identity-Aware Proxy misconfiguration vulnerability in Google Cloud.
  4. @RahulKankrale describes how he was able to turn off message requests for any user in Instagram.
  5. @harshbothra_ has yet again written a fabulous pentester guide, this time on prototype pollution attacks.
  1. @maikroservice has crafted a neat twitter thread on how to start purple teaming.
  2. @hacker_ talks about his story on performing social engineering legally to get AWS console access.
  3. SSRF bugs are always interesting. Find out what @CristiVlad25 learnt by reading Raymond Lind’s recent article on “SSRF Bug Leads To AWS Metadata Exposure”.
  4. Checkout how @DhiyaneshDK was able to exploit S3 buckets on Akamai using his Nuclei template.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

  1. Analyzing ClipboardEvent Listeners for XSS, a NahamCon2022EU talk by @spaceraccoonsec.    
  2. @trufflesec shared an interesting attack vector to bypass firewalls using misconfigured CORS on internal applications and typo-squatting.
  3. @HackerSploit teaches us how to maintain persistence after the initial foothold using SSH Keys, Web Shells & Cron Jobs.

⚒️ 2 GitHub repositories & Tools

  1. Latest version of nuclei with some fixes and new features, by @pdiscoveryio.
  2. An info-rich repository by @immunefi that contains all the resources you need to start or expand your knowledge in web3 security.

💰1 Job Alert

  1. RedHunt Labs have a vacant full-time remote job opening for a Security Researcher.

📝 3 Infosec Articles

  1. @cyph3r_asr published the second part of GraphQL pentesting for dummies.
  2. @ADITYASHENDE17 talks about his approach to find time-based SQLi.
  3. Find out what @yaseenzubair has to say about his $200 Web-Cache Poisoning vulnerability.
  1. @0xManan has shared a list of amazing one-liner recons.
  2. @thecybertix has tweeted a couple of web paths you can bruteforce to find sensitive information.

📽️ 1 Insightful Video

  1. @HackerSploit goes over the different ways ChatGPT can be utilized by beginners as well as working security professionals.  

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