👩‍💻IW Weekly #112: XXE in Chrome, SQL Injection Cheatsheet, Misconfigurations in Azure, Hacking WordPress Plugins, and many more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #112: XXE in Chrome, SQL Injection Cheatsheet, Misconfigurations in Azure, Hacking WordPress Plugins, and many more…
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📝 5 Infosec Articles

  1. @gurudattch explains how he found sensitive information hidden in a seemingly empty file through forensic investigation and various tools.
  2. @Krit_Sec finds a way to bypass authentication in a social app by leveraging data exposure and accessing random user accounts.
  3. @d4d89704243 presents SignSaboteur, a Burp Suite extension for automating attacks on signed web tokens to find and exploit secret keys.
  4. @kste_, @SchmiegSophie, and @GEndignoux advocate for hybrid deployments as essential for secure migration to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), detailing the benefits, rationale, and recommendations for implementation.
  5. Learn how @Psych0tr1a found an XXE in Chrome and Safari web browsers using ChatGPT.
  1. @pentest_swissky shares different wordlists available under the “AllTheThings” family.  
  2. @CupiaBart encountered a weird bug while training a neural network, read on how they were able to narrow down on the issue.
  3. @mcipekci talks about a unique trick which helped him exfiltrate data.
  4. @0xTib3rius shares an extensive SQL injection cheat sheet.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

  1. @_niteshsurana discusses multiple misconfigurations they found in Azure cloud.
  2. @_JohnHammond explores the different features offered by the lightweight web proxy, @CaidoIO.
  3. @NahamSec goes into how you can hack wordpress plugins and earn money while doing so.

💼 2 Job Alerts

  1. Bugcrowd is looking for an Application Security Engineer located in the United Kingdom.
  2. HackerOne is recruiting Product Security Analyst, a remote opportunity.

🎁 1 Special Item

  1. Explore the challenges of NahamCon CTF 2024 and test your skills!

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