👩‍💻IW Weekly #107: CVE-2024-0333, $50,000 for hacking Google A.I, Auth-Bypass via Response Tampering, HTTP Request smuggling case study, Telegram RCE and many more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #107: CVE-2024-0333, $50,000 for hacking Google A.I, Auth-Bypass via Response Tampering, HTTP Request smuggling case study, Telegram RCE and many more…
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📝 5 Infosec Articles

  1. Security researcher @malcolmst deeply explains CVE-2024-0333, a Google Chrome vulnerability enabling malicious extension installation.
  2. @Microsoft introduces Entra ID banned passwords list, a new feature to combat weak passwords and enhance Active Directory Domain Service security.
  3. Explore the fundamentals of modern cryptography and quantum readiness in @Synacktiv enlightening introduction.
  4. Explore multi-factor authentication bypasses through response tampering examples with @ozgur_bbh.
  5. Gain insights into CVE-2024-26131 and CVE-2024-26132, security vulnerabilities impacting the Element Android application from @ShielderSec.
  1. @Rhynorater takes a breather from LHE to explore Airchat's security landscape.
  2. Dive into the recent @ctbbpodcast episode where the team talk about the shocking tale of hacking Tesla and gaining unauthorized access to a stranger's car.
  3. Unlock the secrets of SSRF vulnerabilities with 7 essential resources shared by @intigriti
  4. Ever found an S3 bucket? @yeswehack lists down different ways to test S3 buckets.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

  1. @0xLupin talks about a couple of bugs he found in Google Bard (now Gemini) in collaboration with @rez0__ and @Rhynorater which resulted in a $50,000 bounty.
  2. @_JohnHammond dives into the recently surfaced Telegram remote code execution exploit
  3. @gregxsunday presents his latest case study on HTTP Request smuggling discussing root causes, common types, impact and more. 

💼 2 Job Alerts

  1. @TCS is hiring for a Security Analyst with 6-10 years of experience for Bengaluru, India
  2. @policybazaar is hiring for Information Security Specialist with 2-3 years of experience for Gurugram, Haryana, India.

🎁 1 Special Item

  1. This week’s special item explores an amazing CTF opportunity to grab prizes worth $1000.

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