👩‍💻$5000 Bounty, Free Certification Courses, IndexDB, Reconnaissance Guide, Elasticsearch, and much more…

👩‍💻$5000 Bounty, Free Certification Courses, IndexDB, Reconnaissance Guide, Elasticsearch, and much more…

Get 11 free cybersecurity courses with certificates.

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📝 5 Infosec Articles

#1 The beginner guide of reconnaissance by @remonsec where you will find different resources related to different phases of reconnaissance.

#2 @smhtahsin33 shares a great blog about stored Xss to account takeover where he got introduced to new way of managing user session at client side i.e. IndexDB. Read how he exploited the same.

#3 A unique blog by @Tamim Hasan, Elasticsearch - an easy win for bug bounty hunters in which he shares how you can hunt for it through port scanning and access their directories.

#4 The consequences of inadequate identity management in your GitHub organization by @CiderSecurity explains “3” major risks which organizations using Github should be aware of in the context of IAM.

#5 Gaining unprivileged access to Reddit moderator logs on Reddit IDOR vulnerability — $5000 bounty report explanation by @Roberto.

#1 Do you also prefer books over videos? Are you an active learner of bug hunting? Refer to @Nithin R’s thread related to his 5 favorite books for bug bounty / pentesting.

#2 Day #13 of AWS security series by @Devansh Bordia. Check the whole series for more informative reading.

#3 Do you know about canary tokens? Read this awesome canary tokens zine tweeted by @Secr0.

#4 A compilation of 11 free cybersecurity courses with certificates by @cryptvltd.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

#1 Self-learning reverse engineering in 2022 by LiveOverflow.

#2 Snyff talks about hacking, learning and creating PentesterLab!

#3 A free bug bounty course which teaches everything from setting up the OS to finding web vulnerabilities.

⚒️2 Github repositories & Tools

#1 Python tool with BurpBounty profile support that helps detecting "error based" SQL injection by @eslam3kll.

#2 scan4all is built using Golang and integrates tools like vscan, nuclei, ksubdomain, subfinder, etc. by @Hktalent3135773.

💰1 Job alert ⚠️

#1 A fully remote role for a cybersecurity engineer with experience in Linux & SIEM.

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