👩‍💻IW Weekly #88: Process Injection, Race Condition, CLRF to XSS in Snapchat, Active Directory Guide, Main App Hacking Methodology, CSP Research, CORS Misconfigurations and many more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #88: Process Injection, Race Condition, CLRF to XSS in Snapchat, Active Directory Guide, Main App Hacking Methodology, CSP Research, CORS Misconfigurations and many more…
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📝 5 Infosec Articles

  1. Explore stealthy process injection techniques in r-tec's recent blog post. 
  2. @a7med.ctf found an interesting way to escalate a CRLF vulnerability to XSS in a domain belonging to Snapchat.
  3. @JerrySh43332033 details his chaotic yet successful exploitation of a race condition using cURL.
  4. @shubhdeepp shares his tale on how he was able to find a vulnerability due to a third-party integration. 
  5. @zer1t0 pens an excellent active directory guide covering essential aspects and terms for pentesters to navigate potential active directory network attacks.
  1. @7h3h4ckv157 compiles resources discussing EDR and AV bypass techniques. 
  2. @Jayesh25_ expertly shares essential tips on approaching bug bounties with restricted scope, providing valuable insights for the community.
  3. Gain insights into bug bounty strategies as @Jayesh25_ shares tips on dealing with wide scope targets.
  4. @Jayesh25_ shares expertise on CORS misconfigurations, offering valuable tips and guidance for the community. 

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

  1. In the recent @ctbbpodcast episode, the hosts discuss CSP Research, Iframe Hopping, JS Hoisting and more.
  2. @InsiderPhD shows us how to approach the main application of a program and shares her tips.
  3. Learn what are ports, services and other network fundamentals that every hacker and cybersecurity professional should know via this latest video by @davidbombal. 

💼 2 Job Alerts

  1. CyberNX Technologies is hiring for an Associate Security Consultant at Mumbai. Interested folks, do apply.
  2. Bugcrowd is hiring across the globe for roles such as AppSec Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer and more.

🎁 1 Special Item

  1. Mantis is a security framework that automates the workflow of discovery, reconnaissance, and vulnerability scanning.

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