IW Weekly #6: Bypassing 2FA, Steghide Challenges, PEStudio Walkthrough, and more…

IW Weekly #6: Bypassing 2FA, Steghide Challenges, PEStudio Walkthrough, and more…
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Welcome to the sixth edition of Infosec Weekly - the Monday newsletter that brings the best inspiration and insights in Infosec straight to your inbox.

So how was your weekend? Did you find any more vulnerabilities or bugs? We hope you did. As per us, we spent our weekend curating some of the most loved articles of InfoSec Write-ups that’ll give you a little extra perspective about the possibilities of the Infosec world and what crazy new insights you might’ve been missing.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive in👇

#1 - Learn how you can bypass 2FA using misconfigured apis.

#2 - NahamCon CTF Clickme writeup

#3 - TryHackMe Capstone writeup

#4 - Learn how to solve steghide challenges using stegcracker.

#5 -  Learn how you can use a cheap rubber duckey to hack a linux system.

#6 - Learn how you can analyze malware using PEstudio.

#7 - Horizontal HackTheBox Writeup

#8 - Picomini CTF writeup

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed these incredible finds and learned something new from today’s newsletter.

Videos of the Week

Here are the 2 new IWCON2022 recordings of the week:

  1. Tanya Janca talked about How to Build Security Champions. If you’re interested in creating a full power security team, you should definitely watch this talk.
  2. Nithin R shared insights on Landing your first Cybersecurity Internship: The ‘what's and ‘what not’s to do. If you’ve been looking to find a cybersec internship, this talk can be immensely helpful for you. Watch it here.

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