👩‍💻IW Weekly #37: ChatGPT for Pentesting, Hacking Govt. Website, GraphQl Security Flaws, Bypassing WAF, SSO, MITRE ATT&CK, and much more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #37: ChatGPT for Pentesting, Hacking Govt. Website, GraphQl Security Flaws, Bypassing WAF, SSO, MITRE ATT&CK, and much more…

Did you know ChatGPT can help you identify potential vulnerabilities and exploits for pentesting? Read about it here.

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Now, coming back to today's NL, here are our top picks for this week: 7 articles, 6 Threads, 5 videos, 2 Github repos and tools, 1 job alert to help you maximize the benefit from this newsletter and take a massive jump ahead in your career.

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📝 7 Infosec Articles (5+ 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 @Anugrah SR shares how ChatGPT is an invaluable resource for identifying potential vulnerabilities and exploits for Penetration Testers.

#2 @Raavan shares how he hacked a state government website by chaining BAC+IDOR vulnerabilities to access millions of death certificates.

#3 Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered a 0-day vulnerability in late October 2022, embedded in malicious documents exploiting an Internet Explorer 0-day vulnerability in the JScript engine.

#4 @Claroty has developed a generic bypass of industry-leading web application firewalls (WAF) which involves appending JSON syntax to SQL injection payloads that a WAF is unable to parse.

#5 @Komal shares everything she has learnt from the widely-recognised and accepted defense framework in Cyber Security - MITRE ATT&CK.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 0xManan shares reconnaissance tools he uses for bug hunting and penetration testing.

#2 @sl4x0 wrote a detailed article on Single-Sign On (SSO) and its related vulnerabilities.

#1 @Zwink shares a P1 bug bounty tip regarding the Broken Access Control vulnerability.

#2 @Cristi showed the GraphQl security flaws and what you should be aware of as a cybersecurity professional.

#3 @GodfatherOrwa shares Bug bounty tips for accessing admin panel through response manipulation.

#4 @Itumeleng_Les wrote a great thread regarding their 1 year experience in hunting security flaws/bugs.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 @Nithin R created a list of OSINT tools that can aid your investigation if you come across a suspicious URL or IP address.

#2 @Steiner254 revealed some of the best tips & references for learning Remote Code Execution (RCE).

📽️ 5 Insightful Videos (3 + 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 Learn and start Kernel hacking with virtualKD by @JohnHammond.

#2 Watch this video to learn about Server Side Template Injection by @PhDSecurity.

#3 Learn how to bypass DEP in part 4 of @GuidedHacking’s binary exploit development series.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 In this video, you’ll learn how to upload a PHP reverse shell to an unsecured WebDAV service and catch the reverse shell in a Netcat listener by @Gary Rudell.

#2 @Cristi talks about multiple ways to bypass Authentication mechanisms.

⚒️ 2 GitHub repositories & Tools

#1 @Raoshaab shares a script to automate the process of installing all necessary tools & tasks for Android Pentesting.

#2 A fast and lightweight Web Application Firewall fingerprinting tool by @Lu1sDV.

💰1 Job Alert

#1 CYFIRMA is hiring for a position of VAPT Researcher.

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