👩‍💻IW Weekly #33: 15,000 Sites Hacked, $70,000 Bounty, API Injection Vulnerabilities, IDOR, Template Injection in 100 seconds, and much more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #33: 15,000 Sites Hacked, $70,000 Bounty, API Injection Vulnerabilities, IDOR, Template Injection in 100 seconds, and much more…

This Google Pixel lock screen bypass made $70,000 bounty 😮

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📝 7 Infosec Articles (5+ 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 Read how David Schütz bypassed the Google Pixel lock screen and received a $70,000 bounty.

#2 Chaining path traversal with SSRF to disclose internal git repo data in a Bank Asset by nikhil(niks).

#3 Exploring ZIP mark-of-the-web bypass vulnerability (CVE-2022-41049) by @mrgretzky.

#4 15,000 sites hacked for massive Google SEO poisoning campaign.

#5 @rahulraz and his friends hacked into and destroyed a fraudsters' webpage.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 Amin Nasiri wrote an excellent blog about identifying IDOR vulnerabilities and providing tips for developers on how to fix them.

#2 Agent472458 published a blog post on his recon process and the tools he uses in Bug Bounty.

#1 Rapid API shared a curated list of API injection vulnerabilities on Twitter.

#2 Rez0 posted a fantastic thread with bug bounty tips and mini-write-ups.

#3 Maik Ro shares how to set up Active Directory in your home lab.

#4 ReconOne posted a thread about using Project Discovery's Katana web crawler tool in detail.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 Maik Ro talks about creating our own SIEM for your home lab.

#2 Steiner covers several vulnerabilities that might affect a web application's Registration/Sign-Up Page.

📽️ 5 Insightful Videos (3 + 2 beginner-friendly)

#1 @_JohnHammond converses with @LikelyMalware on cybercrime and dark web.

#2 @ippsec walks you through the “Moderators” machine on Hack The Box where you’d learn about bypassing file upload filters, and much more.

#3 @xdavidhu accidental Google pixel lock screen bypass bagged him a $70K bounty.

Beginner-friendly -

#1 @gregxsunday shares some amazing tips on better report writing and maximizing your bounties.

#2 @intigriti covers Server-side template injection in 100 seconds.

⚒️ 2 GitHub repositories & Tools

#1 Katana by @pdiscoveryio is a crawling and spidering framework based on Go.

#2 FirebaseExploiter is a vulnerability discovery tool that discovers Firebase databases which are open and exploitable by @thesecurebinary.

💰1 Job Alert

#1 Payatu has job openings for the role of Security Consultant (Remote).

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