👩‍💻IW Weekly #16: AWS Vulnerability, Threat Hunting, Reflected XSS, Pentesting Resource, Command Injection and much more…

👩‍💻IW Weekly #16: AWS Vulnerability, Threat Hunting, Reflected XSS, Pentesting Resource, Command Injection and much more…

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We’ve done all the hardwork for you by selecting the most top-notch Infosec stuff that caught our attention this week. The format is: 5 articles, 4 Threads, 3 videos, 2 Github repos and tools, 1 job alert and Upcoming CTF Events to help you maximize the benefit from this newsletter and take a massive jump ahead in your career.

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📝 5 Infosec Articles

#1 @Gafnit Amiga explains about three vulnerabilities detected in the AWS IAM Authenticator where all of them were caused by the same code line.

#2 @OriginalSicksec’s new blog talks about how you can find and abuse URL shorteners to ATO or Information disclosure.

#3 @dajon shares a detailed blog to make you go from Null to Bug Hunter for IDOR Vulnerability.

#4 A vulnerability was identified by @GoSecure_Inc within the Tableau Server that could allow malicious actors to extract sensitive data from the application through Reflected XSS.

#5 @David French shares some threat hunting and security monitoring tips to help defensive practitioners protect their Okta environments from attack.

#1 @sec_r0 shares his latest Security zine on 6 different types of network attack in one shot like Botnet, MITM, DNS Spoofing, etc.

#2 @Brute Logic humorously shares an updated and fresh XSS Polyglot in a tweet reply along with his Building XSS Polyglots blog.

#3 Starting in Pentesting? Here’s a detailed thread by @Brandon Rossi to Get started in the pentesting field.

#4 You will love this Quick One liner to find Reflected XSS at scale by @ReconOne.

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

#1 @Z-winK has uploaded a new video in his Bug Bounty Bootcamp series - Working with a Real Target where he takes a look at Zseano's FastFoodHackings website with 15 vulnerabilities.

#2 @PwnFunction’s new video named How to Predict Random Numbers is up where he'll break the Math.random method in JavaScript with z3.

#3 @rana__khalil’s new long version video is up regarding the Lab#5 command injection with out-of-band data exfiltration

⚒️2 Github repositories & Tools

#1 DBNS (DataBase Nuclei Scanner) by FleexSecurity allows you to keep track of your Nuclei scans in a simple way by saving the results in a database,

#2 Apkleaks by @dwisiswant0 scans APK files for URIs, endpoints & secrets.

💰1 Job alert ⚠️

#1 Check out the job roles posted by Aujas CyberSecurity.

Required experience: 2 to 4 years.

Apply here:- Web app Security - Mobile app security - Code review

🎮 Upcoming CTF Events

#1 BDSec CTF 2022 - Jeopardy

A jeopardy-style CTF for professional hackers, students and cyber security enthusiasts.



Wed, July 20, 2022 15:00 UTC+00:00

Weight: 0 points

Duration: 1 day

#2 Lexington Informatics Tournament CTF 2022 - Jeopardy

A beginner friendly jeopardy-style CTF hosted by Lexington High School



Fri, July 22, 2022 15:00 UTC+00:00

Weight: 23 points

Duration: 2 days and 12 hours

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