👩‍💻IW Weekly #10: 5 Articles, 4 Threads, 3 Videos, 2 Github Repos, 1 Job Alert

👩‍💻IW Weekly #10: 5 Articles, 4 Threads, 3 Videos, 2 Github Repos, 1 Job Alert
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Welcome to the tenth edition of Infosec Weekly - the Monday newsletter that brings the best trends in Infosec straight to your inbox.

Today’s edition is exciting 😁

We’ve included freshly brewed Infosec content in a format of 5 articles, 4 Threads, 3 videos, 2 Github repos and tools, and 1 job alert, to help you maximize the benefit from this newsletter and take a massive jump ahead in your career.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive in👇

📝 5 Infosec Articles

#1 A wonderful article by Palo Alto Networks on how global analytics was used to discover a sophisticated threat actor.

#2 Checkout Secjuice’s interesting article on breaking reverse proxy parser logic.

#3 Well curated article by Asem Eleraky on how analyzing JS files can lead to RCE.

#4 From open redirect to RCE in one week by @ByQwert. Arguably one of the finest write-ups we’ve read this week.

#5 Arbitrary file upload tricks in Java by @pyn3rd.

#1 Broken access control pro tips by @_zwink

#2 7 Methods you can try to bypass CSRF Protection by @harshbothra_

#3 Top 10 pentesting tips by @hackthebox_eu

#4 @LiveOverflow shows us the behind the scenes of making LiveOverflow videos

📽️ 3 Insightful Videos

#1 @samwcyo shows how to break into cloud wallets.

#2 Could you hack into google cloud? Watch this amazing video by LiveOverflow to find out.

#3 Exploiting MSDT 0-Day CVE-2022-30190 by John Hammond

⚒️2 Github Repositories & Tools

#1 Python wrapper around the amazing KNOXSS API by Brute Logic by @xnl_h4ck3r.

#2 Burp Suite extension for testing SAML infrastructures by Roland Bischofberger and @emanuelduss.

💰1 Job Alert ⚠️

#1 Opening for a Security Analyst Intern. Apply here.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed these incredible finds and learned something new from today’s newsletter.

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