Infosec Weekly #1 - Welcome to the First Edition

Infosec Weekly  #1 - Welcome to the First Edition

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Welcome to the very first edition of the Infosec Weekly - a brand new newsletter bringing to you the best and latest in Infosec  straight to your inbox every Monday.

Let’s dive in 👇

Here are the top 7 trendings articles in our publication this week:

#1 - Find here a really cool Authentication bypass. Using root in nested json had bypassed the authentication of the application.

#2 - Read this to learn how to create an undetectable backdoor for Windows using the veli framework.

#3 - Learn about Linux server hardening via Deleting user accounts, creating Restricted Shells and Disabling USB Sticks.

#4 - Read this to learn XSS automation using qsreplace and freq.

#5 - Learn here how to Recon to P1.

#6 - Here’s how to Bypass disable functions in PHP.

#7 - Find how to get unauthenticated access to customer data via JS analysis.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed these incredible new finds and learned something new from today’s newsletter.

You Spoke, We heard

We got a lot of requests asking for the access of IWCON recordings for those who couldn’t attend the conference. So here we bring them for you:

  1. Aseem Shrey talked about Starting with Android Static Analysis. Watch it here.
  2. Harsh Bothra shared his One Year Continuous Learning Journey through #Learn365 Challenge. Watch it here.

Thank you for being a member of our awesome community. Feel free to share it with your Infosec buddies.

See you again next week.

P.S. We’re organizing IWCON2.0 tentatively in November this year. Fill this form to let us know how you want IWCON2.0 to shape up. By using your suggestions, we'll make the conference just how you want it 😊

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